RMHC Hospitality a la Carte

Extending care to families at the bedside of their hospitalized child.

When days are filled with appointments and waiting long hours at the hospital, it can be hard to come by simple comforts. In 2017, the Hospitality a la Carte was launched to allow RMHC of Greater Chattanooga to expand its reach to not just families who stay at the House, but any family who has a loved one in the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. Several times a day Ronald McDonald staff and volunteers stock the hospitality cart with complimentary snacks, toiletries, reading material, as well as small toys and crafts for patients and siblings, and “make rounds” to the units at Children’s at Erlanger.

“We’re not bringing medicine, shots or anything like that, so everyone’s always glad to see us. When they find out that it’s complimentary and they can come and take whatever they want or need, we get a lot of positive feedback.” – Claire, Volunteer

Where the Hospitality a la Carte visits

Volunteers roll the Hospitality a la Carte making rounds to patients in Pediatric Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, labor and delivery and high risk pregnancy unit’s daily offering items off the cart to help enhance their stay.

For parents and other caregivers who are reluctant to leave their seriously ill child even for just a moment, the bright and cheerful cart is a welcome sight. The friendly face of the volunteer behind the cart reminds families that Ronald McDonald House is there to provide comfort during a difficult time.

“You kind of can put yourself in the family’s shoes. If you brought your child to the Emergency Room and then they got admitted and you had nothing, and then here comes these two little ladies in bright green shirts, and they offer you a coffee, hot cocoa, snacks, toothpaste, toothbrush or a toy… they are just blown away and so appreciative.” – Jane, Volunteer

Hospitality a la Carte Volunteer

Volunteers are assigned a shift to circulate the Hospitality a la Carte to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger floors to provide a variety of donated items to families during their stay. Volunteer activities include stocking the Hospitality a la Carte, making rounds with the Hospitality a la Carte to patient floors, recording the inventory of cart contents and offering items off the cart to families.

If you are interested in volunteering, please use this link to fill out the application. When filling out the application, please let us know in the information box on the application if you are specifically interested in the Hospitality a la Carte.