Hearts of Gold Ornament

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2019 Hearts of Gold story: the Midkiff Family

Jonathan and Danielle Midkiff traveled all the way from Hawaii back to Calhoun, Tennessee with their daughter Jana and unborn baby, Alexis after finding surprising news at the 20 week ultrasound. In just a matter of time, Alexis would be born with what’s known as Omphalocele, which is a protrusion of internal abdominal organs outside of the body from a defect of the umbilical ring. Though doctors set a plan and the parents were on board, Baby Alexis had her own timing. She was born the very next day on Friday, July 12 at 36 weeks!

“We knew [Alexis] was going to have to have a procedure done and we knew she was going to be in a hospital somewhere, so with my wife being from around here she knew that Children’s Hospital at Erlanger was one of the best children’s hospitals, shared Jonathan Midkiff. That’s how we ended up being here in Chattanooga to begin with.”

Within only days of the surgery, Alexis’ incisions started to open and the doctors went back in to stitch it a different way. When the second stitch didn’t hold, they had no choice but to leave the actual incision open and let it heal from the inside out. After experiencing a bit of a roller coaster and knowing Baby Alexis would be in the hospital for another few weeks, the Midkiff’s were happy to be able to check in to the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House.

“I feel like the Ronald McDonald House isn’t something you ever truly appreciate until you need it, explained Jonathan. We wouldn’t have been able to be here for all the hours that we wanted to without it [RMHC].”

The Midkiff family was blown away by what RMHC provided for them. They felt like they never went without anything they needed and it was a huge weight lifted during a difficult time with their newborn being hospitalized.

2019 Hearts of Gold ornament meaning:

The 2019 Hearts of Gold ornament represents the vision of RMHC. The snow globe embodies the heart of the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House and the mission to care and comfort families when their child is sick.