Hearts of Gold Ornaments

The gift of togetherness


  In July, Maria and Isaias grew concerned when their son’s headaches just didn’t seem to go away. They knew it was time to seek medical advice and they wanted someone to put them at ease over their son’s symptoms, but they were unprepared for what they learned.

On July 19, Isaias (Misa) Sanchez was diagnosed with a tumor. Though the shock never fully went away, they took action as fast as possible to get him to an oncologist. After the appointment with oncology, Misa was diagnosed with a glioblastoma tumor (also called GBM).

While Misa was receiving treatments and the appropriate medical care, the Sanchez family was able to stay 44 nights at Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House. Though it was their first time staying at the Ronald McDonald House, the Sanchez family had heard many great things about the services offered.

“We heard it was a nice place and they helped a lot of people. We knew we came to a good place to stay.” – Mom and Dad

With all the challenges they were already facing, for mom, dad and Misa, it was hard not having the youngest member of the family, Eric, and other family members close by their side. Even after saying that, the Sanchez family related how the Ronald McDonald House felt like a home and was a sense of comfort for them.

“They treat you like you’re at home” -Mom

Most of all, the Sanchez Family wanted future families to know, “You’re coming to a good, safe place to stay and you’re here to be helped.

RMHC gives families with sick kids the gift of togetherness and keeps them near the care and resources they need.

The RMHC® 2018 Hearts of Gold ornament represents each of the RMHC Chattanooga programs: Ronald McDonald House, Family Room, Care Mobile and Scholarships—all focused on keeping families together when their child is sick and supporting programs that address the health and well-being of children.

Ornaments are sold for a minimum donation of $20 and they make great gifts! Purchase your 2018 Heart of Gold ornament online.  You may purchase ornaments in memory or in honor of a loved one and have it sent with a special message.