Hearts of Gold Ornaments

The gift that keeps on giving



Nothing is more comforting than a mother’s tender love and care, right?

No matter how old you are, it’s always nice to have your mom by your side especially during difficult times.  This was the case for Caterra Pullen and her mom, Deb, who stayed with her at the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House.

Baby James was born 8 weeks early weighing only 2 lbs. 15 oz. and was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit at Erlanger’s Children’s Hospital.  “Having my mom stay with me at the Ronald McDonald House gave me comfort and relieved so much stress,” Caterra said.  It was a scary time for her wondering if James would be able to grow and survive.  Because Caterra and Deb could stay at the Ronald McDonald House, they could be by his side cheering him on.


“We were able to see him as much as we wanted just being across the street.  There is such safety in being there.”  After a 28-day stay at the House, James grew to over 4 lbs. and was released to go home.

RMHC gives families with sick kids the gift of togetherness and keep them near the care and resources they need to thrive.  Caterra’s tough times were made more bearable by having Deb support her so she could support Baby James—a special bond they will always treasure.

Today, James is a happy and healthy 1-year-old who loves to play outside, chase ants, collect rocks and enjoy his favorite food—cookies!  Your support of RMHC makes success stories like this possible!  Happy Holidays!

The RMHC 2017 Heart of Gold ornament represents the mission of “Keeping families close”—helping families stay together and close to the care they need when they have a sick child.  Ornaments are sold for a minimum donation of $20 and they make great gifts!

Purchase your 2017 Heart of Gold ornament online.  You may purchase ornaments in memory or in honor of a loved one and have it sent with a special message.