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Can you imagine having a liver disease that encompasses three different autoimmune disorders?

When Kira Spears found out she was pregnant in 2018, she sought medical advice immediately. Given her liver was functioning at 60-70% capacity; doctors felt it would be fatal for Kira to go through with the pregnancy. On top of that, she was told the baby had a less than a 5% chance to survive the pregnancy.

“My doctors were concerned for me when I decided to go through with it,” shared Kira, “But I told them I’d had a talk with God and He told me I get to have a baby.”

Though many may read this and wonder why doctors recommend this to Kira, you have to understand the condition of her body. She has three autoimmune diseases that attack her liver every day: autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) and primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). On top of that, Kira’s doctors were worried because she deals with varicies, which are swollen blood vessels in the abdomen and esophagus that could rupture. If one was to rupture, you bleed to death and there’s nothing that can be done.

Talk about a mom’s intuition to feel limitless and empowered over what her body could handle.

“My high risk doctor said he thinks my positive attitude about the pregnancy is the only reason I made it through,” stated Kira.

On a day where Kira’s home life hit a stressful high, her body went into premature labor. Though her C-section wasn’t for another two weeks, on November 28, 2018 Kira found herself on the phone with her high-risk pregnancy doctor and headed to the E.R. at Erlanger.

Once Kira’s OBGYN and high-risk doctor arrived, they prepped and within 42 minutes “amazing” Grace was born at 4lbs 3oz.! As if Grace wasn’t a miracle enough, her tiny baby liver helped process some of what Kira’s couldn’t. Though she could have been born with many complications, Grace only had higher levels of biliruben that would only take a short time to clear out and then she would just need time to grow.

“When I found out I was going to be staying at the Ronald McDonald House it was exciting to me and the sense of relief for having a place to stay close to the hospital. It’s truly amazing to me. RMHC was great for the support and just being able to show up, eat and go back to the hospital.”

Without support like yours through the annual Share-A-Night Campaign, Kira would not have been by Grace’s side every single day for almost two months!
For a sick child, sometimes the best medicine is being together for more hugs, kisses and I love you’s. Your gift will give families, like Grace’s a place of limitless hope, optimism and joy close to the resources their sick child needs. You can help keep families close and better together!

This year marks 30 years of providing a home for families to stay while their child is sick through the Share-A-Night Campaign at your Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House. Will you continue to support these families and help us continue to focus on family-centered care? With your help, we are providing more than just services to a lot of families. Your gift provides a “home away from home” and allows families to be better together!



 Monthly Giving Club

This year is our 30th Anniversary and to celebrate we are asking you to help by increasing your monthly gift from $25 to $30 during 2020. Becoming a member of the Caring and Comforting Hearts Club and increasing your gift to $30 this year will help 5 families like Grace & Kira’s stay close! This is just $1 a day! Signing up is easy – Donate today and you’ll automatically be enrolled and sent a thank you! 

Whether you give one time or join the monthly giving club, your gift will help lift the financial burden of so many families like “Amazing” Grace’s. THANK YOU for helping keep families close and better together!